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“We are an international team based in Europe and Asia. We are a reliable partner in the health care industry with many years of experience!

- Maximilian Warth, Managing Director -

Aiming for the Win-Win Solution

Risk Reduction & Time Saving

In addition to our "know how" in the field of raw materials, nutritional supplements, sports nutrition and product development, we also have alternative options to source raw materials, bulk, and/or finished products. A “Plan B” and a backup is more important than ever in order to minimise unnecessary risks.

Pragmatic & Uncomplicated

We are a certified Swiss company with established systems to ensure your product safety. We rely only on high-quality suppliers, services, raw materials and products. All quality-relevant processes are constantly monitored. Fast response-times and constant availability is one main success-factor of our business. We believe in personal contacts and loyalty to execute projects and deals successfully.

Outsourcing & Own Brands

We have insourced a range of well-established brands “Made in Germany” or “Made in Switzerland” which can be outlicensed to be used by our clients. This shortens “time-to-market” and reduces complexity. Send us your inquiry for any product and we will offer a full-service "tailor-made" solution as well as best price options.

Turnkey Solutions

Raw Materials

CHC Swiss AG offers a wide range of raw materials sourced from Asia and Europe for use in the production of nutritional supplements and other products. Our reliable and flexible supply chain ensures consistent quality and on-time delivery.

Health & Lifestyle

At CHC Swiss AG, we believe in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle through our high-quality nutritional supplements. Our products are designed to support various health goals, such as weight management, immune system support, and overall well-being.

Food Supplements

Our food supplements are made with premium ingredients and adhere to strict quality standards. Whether you’re looking for vitamins, minerals, or other essential nutrients, our supplements can help you maintain a balanced and healthy diet.

Sports Nutritions

CHC Swiss AG offers a range of sports nutrition products designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts reach their performance goals. Our supplements are formulated with scientifically-backed ingredients to support energy, endurance, and recovery.


In addition to our product offerings, we also provide expert consulting services to help businesses optimize their supply chain and operations. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in the consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, and can provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs.

We do offer the following services to our partners:

Our “strong-suit” is our capability to offer a large variety of different products, dosage forms, raw materials, packaging and services at competitive prices within the shortest lead-time possible.
We organize, coordinate and closely track projects and purchase orders on behalf of our clients in Europe and Asia. On request we take over and simplify the entire communication and monitoring.
With our established and longstanding relations to different CMO`s we optimize lead-times, optimize processes, improve costs and establish alternative sourcing possibilities.
Consulting and comprehensive advice in different areas, e.g. during M&A, cost-saving programs, prepare and accompany product launches, implement sales strategies or market research.
We offer diversified portfolio of existing products, brands and raw materials to facilitate the market-entry of our partners. The products range from the premium high- end market to price sensitive commodities for the mass market.
With our freelancers and external service providers we can offer additional services as analytics, stability-studies, check of compliance and marketability of products, graphic design, logistics and warehousing.

“CHC Swiss AG is certified to the IFS Broker Standard able to meet highest standards for food safety and quality. We can ensure compliance with these standards for our partners and producers, being audited on a regular base.”

The CHC-Swiss AG is holding the «Higher Level» IFS Broker certificate.

About Us

CHC Swiss AG was founded in April 2019 by Maximilian Warth and three founding partners in Herisau, Switzerland. In the past Maximilian worked for more than a decade in leading positions for one of the largest European CDMOs in the consumer healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. During that time, he worked and lived in Asia for several years, where he established an excellent network and lifelong friendships. At the beginning, CHC Swiss AG acted mainly as a buying house for various Asian nutritional supplement brands and companies. In the meantime, the European market has also become an important sales and purchasing area. Business partners appreciate the expertise, the customer focus and flexibility of CHC Swiss AG.

Since its founding the company has grown constantly. Besides the original business model, raw material trading and various consulting services are today an important area of activity. Over time the company has built a successful and motivated team based in Europe and Asia which cooperates closely with various external consultants and experts. 

The profile of the team ranges from experts for supply chain and tax matters to a food chemist covering regulatory and technical tasks. What characterizes all employees is the joy in their work and the loyalty to our partners and companions. A milestone was the successful IFS certification in May 2022, which confirmed our international quality standards.

We would really appreciate it if you gave us the chance to show what we can do. Feel free to contact us at any time and send us your inquiries. We look forward to meeting you and building a successful partnership together.